About us

PNR Easter Europe I a local department of PNR Italia
Our company is part of the PNR Company and has been active in the area since 2021.
We deal with the marketing of PNR Italia products in the following countries: Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine

International group of companies, which is the official representative and exclusive distributor of:

  • PNR Italia
  • Kleenspraytech
  • SDM
  • Sati Filtri.

PNR EE is responsible for the sale of PNR products in Central and Eastern Europe. Our offer includes flat jet nozzles, full cone nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, point nozzles, articulated joints, mesh filters, two-factor nozzles, atomizers, lances, washing heads for washing tanks, high-pressure heads and much more. You can learn more about our special offer by downloading our product catalogs.

Global presence

Our extensive worldwide network employs professionals in their fields. Our specialists from the metal processing industry, chemical and food industries, surface treatment processes, as well as other industries support our clients from the design stage to the moment of operation or implementation of optimization of the production process related to spraying.


We have cumulated a great experience in nozzles sector since 1968. More than half a century of history allows us to provide modern and reliable products that have passed all necessary tests and are recognized as the best among many other manufacturers. All offered products are manufactured in Italy using the latest technologies and quality control systems, state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality raw materials.

Individual approach

PNR EE not only provides equipment, but also uses its extensive experience to guarantee each client the necessary technical support, including advice on the use of products, testing their operation, supply of prototypes and testing. If necessary, PNR EE Sp. o. o. at the customer’s request, we are able to create a turnkey product from the stage of developing a prototype with the required technical parameters to the implementation and configuration of appropriate systems.

We are always happy to use our experience to achieve common goals with our clients. This approach reflects our desire to always be a responsible and reliable partner to guarantee stable product supply and provide maximum additional benefits to our customers.